Saturday Night in LA by Amy Feitelberg, Los Angeles Magazine

Awesome assignment from an awesome photo editor! This was an honor to be a part of. The portfolio of images from all of the photographers came out great. The photos posted here are from my series. Have a look at all of the work from the other great photographers here: LA Mag . Aaaand, read Amy’s interview with A Photo Editor !

Zach, East Los

Wiz Khalifa

Chief Keef

New Work

Updated my website with some new thangs: RECENT

Bigelow Aerospace BA 330 in Las Vegas for Popular Mechanics

"Wandering" for Esquire

I spent a month working on a photo essay based on young wanderers for Esquire’s current issue on fatherhood. Tom Chiarella, the writer I traveled and worked with, wrote an amazing piece from a father’s perspective- something that I simply couldn’t contribute and am grateful for. This series of images extends beyond an assignment. Listening to the stories that were shared was a very humbling experience and I find myself personally attached to each and every one of these dudes. In fact, many of the guys I met along the way reminded me of a few friends who I haven’t seen in a while and wonder about a lot. It was such an honor to be a part of this. Thank you Michael Norseng, Alison Unterreiner, and everyone at Esquire for giving me a shot. 

Please allow me to share:

A few weeks ago I had the honor of photographing Chewy among many other legends catch some big air in this commercial for the Vans x Star Wars collaboration. Here’s a link to the photos from the shoot: Vans x Star Wars

Iamsu for Fader Magazine
Congrats on Sincerely Yours !!

Iamsu for Fader Magazine

Congrats on Sincerely Yours !!

Diabolical Bastard

It was so amazing to see this video come together. My best friends and I had been working on DB for almost 3 years, and Luis Arnold tied it all together perfectly. Thank you for making us all look halfway cool, Lu. DVDs now available at:

It was a crazy time, and I didn’t get shoot as much as I should have, but here’s what I came away with before/ during/ after the DB premier. Cheers DUUUDES!